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Dr. Bruce Connell, known as the Father of the Post Modern Facelift.

“My friend Hector, you are one of the few who know and use very skillfully all of these concepts.
Always your friend, Bruce,
Bruce Connell”

I was referred to Dr. Gonzalez repeatedly over the past few years by my good friend in CA., Dr Bruce Connell, who is regarded as the top facial plastic surgeon in the world. It was almost 20 years since Dr. Connell performed my 1st surgery and I needed a refresh. Dr. Gonzalez was a part of his surgical team back then and he told me almost 20 years ago he was one of the best,” the best interns he ever had”. His opinion hadn’t changed over the years. I was very reluctant to travel outside the US for the surgery but Dr. Connell said his facility and work was top rate and to trust him. I am so glad I did.
His facility, office, surgical team, follow-up and overall care are excellent. Though my recovery was difficult and slow I always had immediate access to him personally over the past months. As each month passes the results continue to improve. My partner, traveled with me and had the same surgery a day after mine. His recovery was easy and his results immediate. If you have any apprehension about traveling to Mexico for the surgery with him…don’t! You wont regret it.

San Diego, CA

Dr. Gonzalez is the consummate aesthetic surgeon. His knowledge, from my research, of the deep plane neck lift is unsurpassed. From the first consultation, through pre-op, surgery, and post-op he and his staff provided an ideal experience. Their expertise and concern for my well-being were evident throughout the entire process. I would not hesitate to recommend HGM to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.


The moment Dr.Miramontes began showing me his portfolio of countless before and after facelift photos, I knew that I was in the presence of greatness. Truly! Having visited many top plastic surgeons from the US to Latin America, I knew that he was extraordinary! So, free from worry, I had scheduled my deep plane lift and today, I’m 58 years old and look much younger. I love my face and neck, thank you, forever, Dr.Miramontes!

Boston, Massachusetts

Dr. Gonzalez Miramontes accomplished a Deep Plane – High SMAS procedure on my 59 year old face, which looked 70. I had drooping eyes, a face betrayed by the effects of gravity, jowls that resembled a squirrels cheeks saving food for winter, and a neck that had three wattles. Dr. Miramontes’ work, his art, was/is nothing less than brilliant.
I had researched facial rejuvenation for over a year, several hours a week. Prior to a visit to Ajijic, I had schedule two consultations with cosmetic surgeons and would schedule another
once I arrived. By happenstance, I had a conversation with Dr. Miramontes’ Patient Coordinator, Karen Merritt, prior to my meeting with the Doctor. Karen attended the meeting with me and ensured that my questions and concerns were answered.
When I walked into Dr. Miramontes’ office I immediately felt a genuine welcome. My hesitation and apprehension were immediately dissolved. Dr. Miramontes is approachable, kind, willing to hear your questions and concerns, takes his time to respond, and ensures that you are comfortable with the relationship that was initiated.
I brought with me a picture of me that had been photo-shopped and told the Doctor that those were the results I sought. His response was “I can make you look better than that.” I appreciate self-confidence. With all that I had experienced during the 1 1/2 – 2 hour meeting, I knew there was no reason to consult with another Doctor. Dr. Miramontes was my choice to entrust with something that touched every part of my being – my face.
My visit to Ajijic and subsequently to Guadalajara to meet with Dr. Miramontes was in mid-January. I left without having scheduled a date for the surgery. During the course of four months, the Doctor’s Patient Coordinator, Karen, worked tirelessly on my behalf. I had questions and more questions – a number of questions a day, at different times of the day. The timeliness of Karen’s responses were surprising to me – they were almost immediate. Her commitment to Dr. Miramontes, her genuine kindness, her understanding of the procedure continued to secure in my mind that I made the very best choice. Karen has followed my progress of recovery, daily, with words of encouragement. I am so appreciative of that.
Doctor Miramontes’ team, included for me, Dr. Dennise, Dr. Guerrero, Dr. Palomino, and two nurses – Veronica and Elle. I could not have been anymore pleased with their professionalism, competence, and patience (because I drove myself crazy after surgery and they received my anxiety with tremendous understanding). Further, Dr. Miramontes continued to be present following the surgical procedure. He attended each of my following up appointments, took the time to answer my concerns (which had previously been answered in detail and were truly unwarranted), and has invited emails or phone calls for questions or concerns once I return home.
Taking a moment for levity, I have to offer that it tickles me to see how pleased Dr. Miramontes is with his work. The results are far, far beyond what I had hoped for. I had been saddened by my previous appearance. My appearance had made me insecure and I limited myself socially. I now have a new confidence and a bit of a swagger. I look pretty darn good.
Thank you Dr. Miramontes and Your Team for changing my future.

Reno, NV

My body and my life were transformed ten months ago by Dr Miramontes, 300 days and 300 compliments. I never leave the house that someone doesn’t immediately say YOU LOOK WONDERFUL. Considering, I’m going through a very hard time in my life, a divorce after 50 years at the age of 71.The transformation and what Dr. Miramontes suggested I have done saved my life.
This might be more of a testimonial than expected but the emotional side is as powerful as the physical side. Dr. Miramontes is a genius. He SAW ME and made the necessary changes. I had the full face lift, the neck, rhinoplasty and the breast lift. With the breast lift he used his judgment to enlarge not overwhelm, a simple B to a C cup. I’m very glad I did that. It’s funny to say and hear but it’s part of the emotional side of what you have had done.
Dr. Miramontes talks to his patients as people, taking in their whole life and what stage they are in and their reasons for doing the surgery.Very important. Also, he has an incredible staff of doctors who care about you and are there to answer and to help you.
In closing, what happens when you have the face and neck lift, and Rhinoplasty ( breast augmentation too) done by a genus surgeon is CHANGE and it can be overwhelming. His talent and suggestions are brilliant and I want to thank him for listening and suggesting and creating a new life for me. I LOOK WONDERFUL Thank you Dr Miramontes.

Sincerely, Ajijic, Mexico

My experience with Dr. Hector Gonzalez Miramontes and his staff was truly a pleasant and comfortable journey through my procedure. I had the SMAS face-lift procedure, which truly gave me a fantastic result. I am very pleased and would highly recommend Dr. Gonzalez because of the professionalism and quality of care received while under his care. I had no complications, just a little expected bruising and 3 weeks later I was able to go out in public and enjoy my new refreshed look. In fact I plan on having further procedures in the future with Dr. Gonzalez and his team, as I was very impressed with the whole experience from consult through final release. Thanks for all the attention and professionalism again


Before deciding whether, or from whom, I would have a face lift, I did some research on the internet. I also met with several doctors in the Guadalajara area who specialize in face lifts and asked them about their technique, their training and their experience. I decided Dr. Hector Gonzalez was the best trained and most experienced, including extensive training and
experience in Southern California. He also used the technique that I felt would yield the best and longest lasting result. I am very happy with my decision; I definitely think I chose the best doctor. I had a couple of meetings with Dr. Gonzalez during which I told him that my areas of concern were my neck, jowls and eyelids. I also told him I wanted a natural look; I did not want to look like “a deer in the headlights”. I did not tell him specifically what I wanted done as I felt he was the better judge of what would be best for my face. I also told him that I would like to look ten years younger. After the surgery, my husband and several of my friends have told me I look much more than ten years younger. I am very happy with my results and do highly recommend Dr. Gonzalez.


All of Guadalajara, Mexico knows of Dr.Gonzalez as the face plastic surgeon. No one goes to anybody else (or at least the informed ones!) to have their facial problems fixed. It’s known that he did a famous actress in Mexico and also I understand he travels all over the world speaking at plastic surgery conferences. He’s really nice too. It’s been a couple of years since I had my face and neck lifted. I am only in my late 40’s now. So, I’m so glad that I had my lift done before being in my 50’s and the right way and by the right plastic surgeon because it’s going to last for a very long time.
Gracias, Dr.Hector Gonzalez

Guadalajara, Mexico

My friend and I had our face and neck lift done by Dr.Miramontes together, a day apart. We did our research and found that his training in California performing the deep plane technique, Before&After photos, the facility and his confidence could not be surpassed. We both had an easy time and we both continually refer him. He’s a master facial plastic surgeon what’s there not to like? Nada!
Thank you, Dr.Miramontes


My sister had her face and neck lift done by Dr.Miramontes and she came out beautiful and very natural looking. Although she was hush hush about it, which I could never understand why, with some digging I had found out that it had been him, Dr.Hector Miramontes who had performed her face and neck lift. So I flew out from Las Vegas for a Rhinoplasty. Oddly, over the years the tip of my nose had fallen. From the consult, surgery, facility, to the follow up appointments, everything was top notch. My Rhinoplasty results were excellent! I would highly recommend Dr.Hector Miramontes

Las Vegas

Dr.Hector Gonzalez is known for performing the most advanced technique in facial plastic surgery. It’s very important to lift from the deep tissues for best long term results. There can be no other way. So I took the time needed from my own dermatology practice to ensure my face and necklift results. Of course, I’m very pleased with my decision. I expected no less from Dr.Hector Gonzalez.


I simply love Dr.Miramontes. I’m 73 years old and I must say without hesitation that having him perform my facial rejuvenation was one of the best decisions I have ever ever made. I truly look a lot younger than some of the women I have seen 15 years younger. So it’s really inspired me to keep up my exercise, eat right and keep up my appearance. I love the way I look when I look in the mirror. I actually give myself a little wink! So, yes, I’m very pleased with Dr.Miramontes!
Thank you, Dr.Miramontes!

Lakeside, Mexico

Dr.Miramontes was a gift from my husband who is a colleague. Yes, Dr.Miramontes does most of the facelift surgeries for all the doctors’ wives here in Guadalajara, Mexico. He’s one of the best facial plastic surgeon in the world. I had my lift about 3 years ago and it came out very natural looking. I would highly recommend Dr.Hector Gonzalez because he is one of the masters in facial surgery. So we are very fortunate to have him in Guadalajara!

Guadalajara, Mexico

Your generosity of kindness time and patience will not soon be forgotten. I am tremendously grateful that it was you who walked with me through this journey!

Reno, NV


Av. Verona 7412, Fracc. Villa Verona 45019 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

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Featured in Women’s Magazine as Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hector Gonzales Miramontes is recommended by American surgeons as the top physician in the field in Mexico, and many of his patients come from Europe, Australia, and the United States.

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