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The Deep Plane Mid Facelift

You have come to the end of your facelift journey. Whether you realize it or not.

Your midface lift is the turning point. The intersection of where the ‘deep plane facelift’ takes a sharp right-hand turn headed to utopia compared to that of the standard facelift going straight to dismal. The cheekbone is catnip to the ‘ deep plane facelift.“ And guess what?

You’re the prize.

And you are about to find out why.
Do you remember? Gorgeous cheekbones, skin-tight lid cheek junctions, lower eyelids all coming together as stunning you. Oh!” Glory Days!” And, are they gone, gone like scattered grains of sand swept from under your throw rug and the appeal of your physical attraction right along with it? Sagging cheeks have pulled on your delicate lower eye tissue, creating hollow dark shadows around your eyes and becoming sunken into your lower face, creating jowls, nasolabial folds, and a mouth frown. And, it looks to you like you’ve lost your cheeks.

But, rest assured: Your cheeks are in the Lost & Found. And, you simply have to claim them.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Proper use of the SMAS (superior muscular aponeurotic system) which is the support structure of your face and neck can resuspend sagging cheeks and facial fat to bring you back to your heart-shaped face of youth and those smoldering cheekbones that you so grave.

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How is it possible?

The ‘deep plane facelift’ restores volume to your Midface without the need for injectable filler or grafted fat,” says Dr. Hector G.  Miramontes, master facial plastic surgeon “the lower face and jowls lift back to the midface.”

By repositioning the underlying SMAS and muscles and fat layers, and working in the deep planes of the face, the correct anatomical structure can construct. This newly formed deep plane structure, in turn, can function as a rock-solid base for newly elevated soft tissues, and facial features, ensuring the notorious peer-reviewed ‘deep plane facelift’  longevity. (10 years.) And without pulling and relying on the surface skin layer.

“The sole function of the skin is to cover, never support, the lifting of facial features, and any departure from that perfection would risk the creation of a pulled, artificial appearance,” explains Dr. Miramontes.

The extraordinary?

Only 5% of surgeons in the world today can perform the Art – of the – deep plane facelift technique, so it remains the beauty secret of all other beauty secrets, the magnificent, the crème de la crème and most importantly your hidden protected armor to your facelift nat-ur – al.

The 4 Warning Signs Your Midface Is Begging For Attention

Dr. Miramontes lectures internationally at select medical conferences about periorbital rejuvenation. Dr. HGM vehemently opposes injecting fillers to correct infraorbital hollows; “the risk for secondary complications is too high.”

The ‘Superhigh SMAS, deep plane lift’ gives the highest Vector in facelifting;

With this most celebrated Vector, it grants more corrective revision to your orbicularis oculi (eye muscle) to restore, contour, and reshape, and eliminating hollows.

The ‘Orbicularis myotomy’ performed by Dr. HGM at the time of your facelift, will correct lower eyelid tissue laxity and provide you with the shortening of your eyelid length to reestablish your youthful elevation of the lid-cheek junction.

Furthermore, The myotomy grants marked improvement in softening wrinkles and crow’s feet, elevating the lateral brow, and the corners of eyes gently tenting up.

And, after the close of your facelift, Dr. HGM will perform an upper and lower blepharoplasty, as well, if needed.

You’ll receive the extraordinary:

Dr. Miramontes and this bears repeating, can – extraordinarily- disassemble the ligamentous restraints along your zygoma (cheekbones) on the skin, and beneath your SMAS to lift your Malar fat pads (cheeks) 100% to where injectable filler or grafted fat is not warranted.

The deep plane facelift repositions your cheek fat pad (malar fat pad) back over the zygoma, flattening your nasolabial folds, and repositioning your jowls back up into your cheeks. Exceptional!


Dr. Miramontes, master of the deep plane technique, breaks it down.


The direction (Vectors) of deep-tissue SMAS movement in the ‘deep plane facelift’ unlocks the emergent to lift a face without it looking like the skin was ever pulled or stretched.

The proper Vector design is your Stamp of Authenticity to a World-class facelift.


The ‘deep plane facelift’ requires in-depth knowledge and certainty of which retaining ligaments to release and which ones to preserve of the face.
The area in blue is dissected from the lateral incision and retains the platysma cutaneous ligaments in your anterior cheek area.

And a red circle shows a temporal incision.

The temporal incision made will soften your crow’s feet creases and lift your lateral brow, gently turn the edges of your eye up and tighten your lid-cheek junction.

Gifts of the World-Class 'Super high deep plane Mid Facelift.'



  • eliminates the risk of a windswept appearance
  • uses one’s own facial fat as volumetric argumentation as opposed to relying on injectable filler or grafted fat or implants
  • improves sub-malar definition and contouring
  • elevates the downturned corners of the mouth and marionette lines
  • nasojugal folds moved from the diagonal direction to smooth

Without injectable filler or grafted fat:

Dr. Miramontes can elicit change to three critical areas of your Midface: the Malar Fat Pad, Buccal Fat Pad, and the Orbicularis Oculi muscle.

  • Lower Orbicularis Oculi muscles blends with the newly lifted cheeks.
  • Shortened distance between the lower eyelid and cheek junction
  • Redirection of the tear trough from a diagonal to a more youthful horizontal direction
  • Reduces bulging of the orbital fat compartments
    lower eye surgery blepharoplasty
  • Tints the corners of the eyes up as opposed to “sad eyes” down
  • Robust improvement in the appearance of the lower eyelid
  • Lateral brow lift equal or higher than medial brow
  • Improved skin laxity in the temporal region
  • Crow’s Feet correction, released and improved
  • Undermining the skin over the orbicularis oculi muscles
  • Lifting Lateral Cantus Sag

The Superhigh SMAS facelift generates dramatic midface volume enhancement without injectable fillers and grafted fat to a more youthful appearance.

  • Dermabrasion is the preferred choice for vertical lines (smoker’s lines) of the upper lip after the close of the facelift.
  • Dermabrasion provides a smooth appearance and better color blending than other methods.
  • Lips augmented is offered with grafted fat from the abdominal area.


Tension is the culprit for most problems in aesthetic surgery of the face and neck. SMAS flaps pulled too tight or in the wrong direction (Vector) can destroy a person’s appearance causing irreversible scarring of the skin, ear deformities, and facial contours that are totally unnatural looking.

The lack of visible tension is the hallmark of the ‘deep plane facelift’ rather than skin tension and your science-backed warranty of a natural facelift result.

Fat Injections?

You’re concerned that your face may look too thin after your ‘deep plane facelift.’
And that somehow you’ll end up looking like a skeleton.
Rest assured:
The ‘deep plane facelift’ technique is notorious with beauty. 50 years of producing the most natural and long lasting facelift results. And the same will hold true for you. But what about grafted fat?
Dr. HGM is agreeable to giving you ‘accents’ of grafted fat in certain areas of your face. And those select areas can lead to a thorough examination and discussion at any time. The first step?
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Laser Treatment?

No. The ‘deep plane facelift’ will not support a laser treatment at the time of your surgery. It may cause secondary complications.


You’re disrupting your vascular system in two planes. “It’s too much; it could hurt your tissue,” states Dr. Miramontes.

Dr. Miramontes works in the deep plane layer of your face. So your vascular system is cut in that plane. If the add-on of laser treatment – now the vascular system is not only dissected in that deep plane but the surface as well.

It’s best to wait 6 weeks post-surgery for a laser treatment giving your vascular system the time it needs to re-establish its network capillary system.

Before & After

The Superhigh SMAS ‘deep plane midface facelift’
Before and After

Please Look To 12 Areas Of The face.


Marionette lines

Nasolabial folds

Corners of lips

platysmal bands

cheek volumization

tighter lid-cheek junction

crow’s feet correction

lateral bow lift

corner of eyes.

And lastly the hallmark of the ‘deep plane lift”; lack of visible tension.

Please remember:

The Deep Plane technique which lifts the skin and muscle (SMAS) separately as two distinct units and repositions all deep facial musculature is performed by less 5% of surgeons in the world. So please ask as many questions and share as many concerns as you need until you feel comfortable.

Your trust in Dr. Miramonte’s mastery of the ‘deep plane facelift’ is your source for accurate information.

And, it’s an honor to serve you.


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