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Super High SMAS Deep Plane Facelift

Having a facelift and neck lift performed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Hector Gonzalez Miramontes at Innovare—a private plastic surgery facility in Guadalajara, Mexico—can restore and replenish every fiber of your being. Yes, Dr. Miramontes’ results are actually that powerful.

During the past two decades, many techniques for facial rejuvenation have been made available, but Dr. Miramontes performs exclusively what is known in the medical community to be the most advanced surgical facial rejuvenation technique in the world: the “Super High SMAS” facelift and neck lift, using the deep-plane approach.

This technique has been used for more than 50 years by a pantheon of facial plastic surgery masters. It is safe and customizable, and it produces a natural appearance by restoring lost beauty or by highlighting an otherwise hidden characteristic.

More than anything, patients want to feel comfortable knowing that they will achieve a natural and long-lasting facelift and neck lift result.

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The Luxury of the “Super High SMAS” Deep Plane Facelift

The “Super High SMAS” facelift and neck lift with the deep-plane technique requires a high level of mastery that few surgeons in the world can perform successfully.

  • SMAS is an abbreviation for “superficial muscular aponeurotic system,” which is the musculo-fibrous continuous layer of the face that is attached to the skin and subcutaneous fat, extending down to the neck.
  • The SMAS layer is the key to all facelift and neck lift procedures.
  • As we age, the SMAS layer loosens and drags subcutaneous fat, soft tissues, and skin down with it.
  • By releasing the SMAS layer from the underlying muscles, the SMAS can then be repositioned to a higher point.
  • Once the SMAS layer is repositioned, the skin is redraped.

Mastery of the “Super High SMAS” deep plane facelift and neck lift performed by Dr. Miramontes eliminates the need for facial fat augmentation, fillers, and implants.

When Dr. Miramontes lifts the SMAS and repositions other structures—such as cheek tissues and the malar fat pads—he restores lost volume to the cheekbones. This lifting and reestablishing of the cheekbones naturally eliminates the need for fillers or fat injections, which generally distort facial features.

When performed by the internationally recognized Dr. Miramontes, this extensive forehead-to-neck surgery lifts the entire face by repositioning deeper tissue layers.

Because the SMAS layer covers the whole face, utilization of SMAS allows the whole face to be lifted, giving better definition to the jaw, neck, and cheekbones, including the brow. This procedure requires no fat or filler injections.


Recovery is made easy by Dr. Miramontes and his team of experts.

Unique to the “Super High SMAS” facelift and neck lift, using the deep plane approach, is the healing process, which inherently takes place at a deeper layer of tissue, resulting in significantly less trauma to the skin.

Most of Dr. Miramontes’ patients return back to work or other social commitments after a relatively short recovery period of two weeks.

Because the skin is never pulled tightly, there is no tension on incisions that would produce stretched scars, allowing incisions to heal quickly.

Dr. Miramontes places an incision along both ears, the traguses, and the hairline; his surgical precision minimizes the appearance of any scarring. Most scarring is virtually invisible.

Given a pain level from 1 to 10, “It’s a 1!” most of Dr. Miramontes’ patients say.

Because there is little trauma to the skin where there is a high concentration of nerves, people who undergoing the deep plane face and neck lift technique for facial rejuvenation generally have a relatively painless recovery.

Following your “Super High SMAS” facelift, you will spend two nights at the spa-like hospital, Innovare, where pampering is paramount. Dr. Miramontes and his team, including your private nurse, will tend to your pain medication, massages, and cool compresses, which are all part of your post-operative treatment plan.

The facelift surgery is usually performed with twilight sedation, although general anesthesia is also available. Please learn more about our anesthesiologist Dr. Daniel, and his refinement in intravenous anesthetics.

There are only a handful of facial plastic surgeons in the world who can successfully perform the “Super High SMAS” facelift and neck lift with the deep plane approach.

The results of your facial rejuvenation are priceless. Surgeons who are trained in dissecting in the deep-plane level—such as Dr. Miramontes—do a more thorough job of addressing the effects of aging on the face and neck.

The results of this procedure are longer lasting and produce more natural facial rejuvenation when compared to a regular SMAS or skin-pulling facelift.

Figure A


Here beneath the skin the SMAS incision is positioned below the zygomatic arch. This is the “traditional” approach to a SMAS facelift. As you can see, the surgeon’s capacity to elicit change stays to the jowls and neck. (fig. A)The zygomatic arch (or cheekbone) is the arch of bone that extends forward from the side of the skull, over the opening of the ear, to beneath the outer border of the eye socket.

Figure B

As the history of the facelift advanced, Dr. Bruce Connell, the innovator of the “High SMAS” facelift learned that suprazygmatic release was safely possible. (fig. B) And greatly improved upon the efficiency of the face and neck lift, which resulted in the enhancement of the midface, periorbital area and provided submental support (below the chin).

Figure C

Today, Dr. Miramontes is the innovator of the “Super High SMAS” facelift and has improved upon his master’s, Dr. Connell’s “High SMAS” lift. Dr. Miramontes positions 2 small incisions – hidden within the temporal hairline (fig.c). He has learned that this high elevation allows him better access to contour and reshape the Orbicular Oculi, periorbital area, lateral brow, lower eye and cheek lid junction.

History Of The Facelift

Here it is the recognition of great facial surgeons -Skoog, Hamra, Connell, Miramontes – from 1916 to present.

Throughout time, the majority of surgeons, in a noble attempt to correct aging changes in the face and neck, such as nasolabial folds, a drooping eyebrow or a sagging chin, the skin is pulled tight to smooth the area and too much tension is placed on the sutures.

Connell and Miramontes developed and followed surgical dissecting techniques to provide flaps (the SMAS – flap) that would withstand “extreme tension.” The function of the SMAS flap is to advance deep facial tissue (the deep plane lift) with the intent to make the facelift effect tighter and last longer.

To date, Connell and Miramontes have dazzled the world with the highest SMAS – flap, multi vector, deep plane face and neck lift technique that has stood the test of time creating consistent exceptional face and necklift results.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Simply put, their results are more natural and beautiful than they could have imagined. The deep-plane technique ensures the easiest recovery with the most natural and long-lasting results. Since only the deeper SMAS layer is put to use to reposition all the drooping facial tissue, no tension or tightness is ever placed on the skin.

A. When you do your research regarding procedures and surgeons, you will discover that there are only select surgeons around the world performing the “Super High SMAS” facelift and deep-plane approach.

A. The primary reason celebrities choose Dr. Miramontes is because it ensures an easy recovery with natural and long-lasting results. Dr. Miramontes’ facelift and neck lift approach—without the aid of fat augmentation, filler injections, or implants—can fix muscle and tissue laxity at the source. 10-15 years.

A. Dr. Miramontes face and neck lift technique constitutes the hallmark of top-level aesthetic surgery such as:precise incision placement, refine closure techniques, accurate skin redraping, minimizing tissue tension and preservation of normal anatomical facial boundaries, proportions and relationships. In addition, all hairline scar incisions are made precisely, “parallel of the hair follicles and the SMAS flap suspended on 3 points only…” Dr. Miramontes

Featured in Women’s Magazine as Best Plastic Surgeon

“Dr. Hector Gonzales Miramontes is recommended by American surgeons as the top physician in the field in Mexico, and many of his patients come from Europe, Australia, and the United States.”

-Women’s Magazine


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Featured in Women’s Magazine as Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hector Gonzales Miramontes is recommended by American surgeons as the top physician in the field in Mexico, and many of his patients come from Europe, Australia, and the United States.

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