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Rhinoplasty Surgery

After having the rhinoplasty surgery, it’s not uncommon for Dr. Miramontes’s patients to gain a child-like enthusiasm, jumping up, repeatedly, to gaze into the mirror at their new reflections. Deciding to let go of their ‘birth noses’ and instead opting for one less prominent or less bulbous or crooked or perhaps even more importantly one with restored function is a powerful transformation.

The nose is a highly intricate structure and not only does it require the advanced surgical skills that Dr. Hector Miramontes poses to reshape, remodel, or restore but, to transform properly it also needs Dr. Miramontes’s international eye for capturing the sulties of beauty and sophistication.

The best result in aesthetic rhinoplasty is a refined, natural appearing nose. Beauty, though elusive, must encompass both proportion and the balance of individual facial features and how they harmonize together. Rhinoplasty is the art of subtleness as the tiniest variation can produce the most elegant perceptual impact. Thus, “rhinoplasty is the surgery of minuscule proportions,” says Dr. Miramontes.

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Featured in Women’s Magazine as Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hector Gonzales Miramontes is recommended by American surgeons as the top physician in the field in Mexico, and many of his patients come from Europe, Australia, and the United States.

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