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Deep Plane Brow Lift Surgery

Sagging, drooping skin on the forehead and brow show signs of aging and often times can lead to a tired, tense, angry, or sad appearance. To restore a more youthful rested appearance, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Miramontes recommends brow lift surgery. Trusting in his advanced training in facial plastic surgery, as well as his more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Miramontes is able to sculpt a soft, youthful looking appearance, while securing your natural facial features that are unique to you.

Dr. Miramontes performs the brow lift with incisions hidden within the hair on the scalp. The hair is not shaved or cut. Proper “release” of the eyebrow is essential and takes many years of surgical skill to master. The proper release provides for an easy elevation of the brow that ensures a natural long-term result.

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Brow Lift Technique

In the past and still today, brow lifts have often been performed to aggressively.

As a facial plastic surgeon Dr.Miramontes takes the time to make sure that your brows are lifted only to their anatomically correct and natural appearance. Thus eliminating the appearance of any permanently surprised or “she’s had work done” look.

Lifting sagging brows can also improve . vision problems brought about by low hanging brows.

More than 24 years of experience performing the highly advanced surgical technique, the deep plane face and neck lift, Dr Hector Miramontes is a true master in the field of facial plastic surgery.Nonsurgical procedures such as Botox, fat augmentation, and fillers are routinely performed to correct lowered and deflated eyebrows but these procedures are not long-lasting and often applied incorrectly.

Dr. Miramontes focus is on a gentle elevation of the eyebrow.

Dr. Miramontes’s goal with brow lift surgery is to refashion a better frame to the eyes. During the procedure, either only the outside portion of the brow is elevated, or the procedure is extended to a full brow lift and the inner portion of the eyebrow is elevated as well.

Dr. Miramontes’s superior surgical skills, talent, experience and innovative approach to facial rejuvenation have been effective techniques, providing countless years of restored youth for all of his patients.

Addressing Any Concerns You May Have

The brow lift surgery is performed with Twilight Sedation, the preferred sedation method, although general anesthesia is also available.

The brow lift incisions are well hidden in the hairline. No hair is removed during the procedure as well. For his patients with higher hairlines or for those seeking to lower their hair line, Dr. Miramontes evaluates your anatomical facial features, takes into account your unique concerns and then thoroughly discusses his diagnose with you.

Absolutely, no! Dr. Miramonte’s goal is to create very natural looking results. He is an artist who takes great personal pride in sculpting beautiful facial enhancements. You will look refreshed and your eye shape will remain the same; just, now, celebrating a more youthful frame.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dr. Miramontes’s Brow Lift Technique

Dr. Miramontes has a more artistic approach to the brow lift. The precise release of the eyebrows, freeing buckled, bunched up muscles using the deep plane approach has taken years of surgical skill to master. In addition, the hair is not shaved or cut and the incision is well hidden.

Dr. Miramontes ‘ deep plane face and neck lift, and his innovative surgical technique rejuvenating the Periorbital area, combined with the brow lift, can greatly smooth away fine lines and wrinkles from the corners of your eyes (crow’s feet). This is in direct contrast to the more traditional brow lift techniques that, simply, cannot.

Yes, absolutely! Though many of Dr. Miramontes’s patients have upper eyelid surgery combined with the brow lift surgery, it is not necessary for everyone.For his patients who have bags under their eyes, they may be a candidate for a lower eyelid surgery, Blepharoplasty, as well.

The plastic surgeon’s facial surgical skills and experience are paramount. While many surgeons may perform the Brow lift, the outcomes will greatly vary. When brow lift surgery has been performed to aggressively, the results can be literally shocking, leaving a wide-eyed, unnatural look that is clearly unwanted. Dr.Miramontes has outstanding credentials. His training and experience, his advanced knowledge about facial muscle structures, and his level of comfort dissecting in the deep plane areas of the face and neck, have given him the tools he needs to lift, shape and contour beautiful facial surgical results. When looking for a facial plastic surgeon to perform your facial rejuvenation, including the brow lift, hold your standards high, reviewing qualifications, experience, and education as your top priority.

Featured in Women’s Magazine as Best Plastic Surgeon

“Dr. Hector Gonzales Miramontes is recommended by American surgeons as the top physician in the field in Mexico, and many of his patients come from Europe, Australia, and the United States.”

-Women’s Magazine


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Featured in Women’s Magazine as Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hector Gonzales Miramontes is recommended by American surgeons as the top physician in the field in Mexico, and many of his patients come from Europe, Australia, and the United States.

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