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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What makes it important for people to flyin to Guadalajara, Mexico from all around the globe to have Dr.Miramontes perform their facial rejuvenation?

A) If you have access to the facial plastic surgery (considered one of the masters in the world ) in your locality that performs the deep plane technique, successfully, then that’s a strong consideration. However, if you are like most, who have access only to the average plastic surgeon performing only the average SMAS facelift then we hope to influence you. ” Wanting the best for my face, I had to travel anyway.” say Dr.Miramontes’ patients.

Q) Is Guadalajara, Mexico considered peaceful, enjoyable and safe to travel to for my facial rejuvenation destination?

A) Guadalajara is an international city boasting universities, museums, theaters, galleries, concert halls, squares and parks. You may be surprised to learn that Guadalajara is home to companies such as General Electric, IBM, Intel Corp. and Hewlett- Packard, having offices sprinkled throughout the metropolitan area. With 22 museums, 6 universities (the latter with national prestiges), a renowned symphony orchestra, ballet companies, and a happening Art scene, the city draws enthusiast from both young and old. Furthermore, as host to renowned cultural events such as the 2011 Pan American Games, Guadalajara has been named “American Capital of Culture”. Many of Dr.Miramontes’s International patients- following their post-op recovery period- extend their stay in Guadalajara. They stroll among the tree lined streets, where dots of architectural buildings and landmarks overflow – or visit the basílica or wonder in the beautiful Plaza de las Américas. Captivated by warm nights, outside cafes, and the hospitality of the authentic Mexican culture, many of Dr.Mramonte’s patients leave in the knowing that they will return soon to a city they love and their next cosmetic rejuvenation procedure, such as a breast augmentation, HIFU laser treatment or another anti-aging protocol.

Q) Why would I have the deep plane facelift, just the very name of it sounds so intrusive and severe?

A) Within their practices, the majority of plastic surgeons around the world perform a wide variety of plastic surgery from “Mommy Makeovers”, body lifts, to breast augmentation; thus, their face and neck lift surgery is just one of their many procedures. While we are sure that they are fine and well meaning cosmetic surgeons, their training, experience and ultimately their expertise in facial rejuvenation results pales in comparison to Dr.Hector Miramonte’s, the world- class facial plastic surgeon. Furthermore, the Deep Plane lift has been determined through peer reviewed studies to ensure longer lasting results with less revision. So although the name, deep plane lift, may sound concerning, we assure you, it is much more of an intrusive experience to have a “general ” cosmetic surgeon perform your “specific” face and neck lift surgery.

Q) I will be away from home having a facelift surgery, is that really a wise thing to do?

A) We encourage and welcome family members. The facility, Innovare, where Dr.Miramontes has both his office and performs his facial plastic surgeries offers a large suite for those who choose to bring a partner, friend or family member. Or, extended nursing care can be arranged for those who prefer to fly solo.

Q) Please give me an overview of what I can expect following my surgery.

A) Dr. Miramontes provides a pampering post-op protocol. His patients stay two night at Innovare during their immediate recovery period, and an additional 8-10 days at one of the hand selected recovery retreats. Transportation to and from Innovare is provided, as well as post-op care such as Ultrasound therapy.

Q) I know “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons” are in New York, L.A., San Francisco, and Beverly Hills, Hollywood but Guadalajara, Mexico…really?

A) You are having the prodigy of Dr.Bruce Connell (considered the father to the modern face lift), Dr.Hector Gonzalez Miramontes, perform your face and neck lift. Dr.Miramontes’s patients consider it one of their good fortunes that Dr.Miramontes performs the technically demanding and superior Deep Plane lift in Guadalajara, Mexico; whereby, if he was still practicing in L.A. the cost for this advanced face and neck lift surgery is between $40,000-$60,000. Our cost is less than half of that amount, and with wonderful after-care services.

Q) What is the cost for the “Super High SMAS” facelift, using the deep plane approach performed by Dr.Miramontes and what does it include.

A) Please send your headshots to Karen to receive your Complimentary Consultation that will provide you with an estimate of your facial rejuvenation transformation cost. Furthermore, the cost of the expected facial rejuvenation transformations expenses include: Dr.Miramontes’s surgical cost, the cost of the surgical suite, the surgical team, anestesiologia expenses, post operative medicine and treatments, two nights at Innovare, and transportation to and from Innovare providing after- care.

Q) I’m interested to learn more, what’s my first step?

A) Please,simply fill out the contact form below.

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Karen Merritt
Patient Care Coordinator.


Av. Verona 7412, Fracc. Villa Verona 45019 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

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