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Get Ready For The WoW Factor. This Before – and – After Photo Only 2 Days Post-Op Shows Just How Easy The Superhigh-SMAS, Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift is. It’s Amazing!

The Super High SMAS-Lift by Dr. Miramontes and What Is the Lamellae? The separation of the face into different lamellae (a thin layer, membrane, or plate of tissue) is critical to the Superhigh-SMAS facelift because the skin and SMAS must be separated and repositioned in different directions (vectors). The lamella, so thin a layer and […]

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Dr. Hector G. Miramontes, the Passion of a Champion, the Talent of a Renaissance Artist, and the Greatest Facial Plastic Surgeon in Mexico

Here’s a story about a young man who became the greatest facial plastic surgeon in Mexico and one of the giants in the field of facial aesthetic surgery in the world today. From an early age, spurred by his passion for medicine, Hector Miramontes moved through his university studies diligently. Although he took the standard […]

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Vector, Vector, Who’s Got the Right Vector?

One Huge, Colossal, Overlooked Question About Facelifts (that you need to know about!)   Vectors are the directions that a plastic surgeon pulls or moves the facial skin, soft tissue or SMAS (Superficial musculature aponeurotic system) during a face and neck lift surgery. Vectors are critical. For example, when many plastic surgeons perform lower eyelid […]

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Having a round, lifted booty might seem like the next best thing to high cheekbones after having one of Dr. Miramontes’ (natural, no sign of scars, gently placing you back 10-15 years) facelifts, especially after catching glimpses of stars like Kim Kardashian on the cover of glossy magazines strolling through the marketplace. I mean who […]

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Deep Plane Facelift Surgery Observation

Thinking of a deep plane facelift might conjure up a few gruesome and scary images. But you’ll never guess what I found upon entering Dr. Miramontes’ operating room—delight! From time to time, as Patient Care Coordinator for Dr. Miramontes’ out-of-town patients, I have the honor of being invited to observe one of Dr. Miramontes’ world-class surgeries. Dr. […]

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Av. Verona 7412, Fracc. Villa Verona 45019 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

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Featured in Women’s Magazine as Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hector Gonzales Miramontes is recommended by American surgeons as the top physician in the field in Mexico, and many of his patients come from Europe, Australia, and the United States.

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