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Do I need to get my Fillers dissolved before my surgery?

Everything you need to know
July 31, 2019 by Karen Merritt, Patient Care Coordinator
Mid Facelift Before and After Photo

No, you do not need fillers dissolved before having your ‘deep plane facelift,’ by Dr. HGM.

Many of Dr. Miramontes’s patients from the States and Canada have had injectable fillers. It’s quite common.
But we understand your concern.

“Will the fillers that I had a few months ago (or fill in the blank) negatively impact the results of my facelift? one patient asks.

“And, all the other surgeons I have consulted with have told me that I need to have my fillers dissolved before surgery. Why is Dr. Miramontes’s diagnose differently?” and another one adds.

Dr. Miramontes is of the 5% of plastic surgeons globally who has the talent, expertise, and experience to perform the world-class ‘deep plane facelift’ so naturally, his diagnoses would differ.

The Good news?

Generally, injectable fillers will not affect your facelift. “Once I reposition the tissues in the different planes of the face your fillers will smooth, becoming a non-issue.” explains Dr. Miramontes, “and, at the time of our meeting, we will further talk about your concern, diminishing your worry. There is no need to worry.”

Can I have grafted fat or laser treatment at the time of my deep plane face and neck lift?

Are you worried about looking to thin after your ‘deep plane facelift?

This world-class facelift ensures dramatic midface volume enhancement without injectable fillers or grafted fat. It’s one of your gifts. To free yourself from filers (long term use has serious consequences), and the uncertainties of fat graft take.

How it works.

The ‘deep plane facelift’ is built like a brick foundation. To construct a brick foundation, the mason first lays down his string, mason line, to outline the foundation, then he begins to laying bricks.

One linear layer at a time laying bricks up, up until the foundation is erected.

Dr. Miramontes, like the mason, applies the same principle to his facelifting technique. First, drawing his lines, so his surgical team can see his intended dissections. Then one layer at a time he surgical lifts each tissue plane from the deepest up to the surface, the skin.

The skin layer is laid down gently and tight, smoothing away all wrinkles and fine lines, where it will rest for years on its new ‘brick foundation.’

And once you have your deep tissue support (your brick foundation erected), you will see volume enhancement restored to your midface. And not only that, it will last years. (10 to 12 years, peer-reviewed).

Does that mean Dr. Miramontes will not perform the ‘deep plane facelift’ and fat grafting?

On the contrary, Dr. HGM is open to giving you ‘accents’ of grafted fat in certain areas of your face. He will talk with you more about. ‘I’ll be too thin after my facelift,” concern when you meet with him. (Everyone one loves to talk with Dr. Miramontes).

Karen-MerritAbout the author: Karen Merritt is the Patient Care Coordinator a of Dr. Miramontes, master of the ‘deep plane facelift’ technique in Mexico, who helps aging beauties put “OMG! Is That Me In the Mirror?” back in their lives. Get her 5 Easy To Follow Instructions For Proper Selfies Submission For Your Free World-Class Facelift Diagnoses By Dr. Miramontes.


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